Color classifying scales used by the internationally admitted laboratories (GIA & IGI for example), ranges from wholly colorless (D) to pasty yellow or brown color (Z). Brown diamonds darker than K color are usually described using their letter grade, and a descriptive phrase, for pattern M Faint Brown Diamonds with […]

Are you planning for your matrimonial in the upcoming valentine month with visionary theme? There is zero fresh idealistic than planning for a matrimonial in a valentine month. Joining hands with your core ma A Perfect Wedding Dress for a Valentine Wedding Are you planning for your matrimonial in the […]

When it comes to diamond chore rings, does A diamond is forever ball true, or are we as contented with a matrimonial symbolised by a different gemstone? Are diamond engagement rings really the best choice of ring? A diamond is forever is a well-known phrase that all of us know. […]