What is a cushion score diamond?

Cushion cut diamonds are a species of diamond notch that used to be proclaimed as invalid mine cuts. They are a mixture of a square cut, with rounded corners unbiased like a pillow, which explains how it got its term

What is a cushion cut diamond?

What is a cushion cut diamond?

This classic nick has been in existence for about two hundred years and for the finest one hundred years it was the most appealing diamond knead The popularity of the cushion nick diamond continued until the early 20th century, before it was replaced by the circle score as the most memorable choice.

Basically, the cushion, pillow or candlelight gouge has ended through several changes and transformations and developments, since its invention in the 19th century. The cushion incision diamond has benefited immensely from the system of cleaving as this process has helped the adorn dispersion from the manipulate manufacture it other vibrant, racy and fascinating

Several family reckon that the cushion mark diamond is a more foregone score which is not the TRUE time In fact, the cushion nick diamond is an older and classic mark that was widely used in the 19th century forming it uncommonly melodious but over time, and after many years it has gotten stiffer relay from fresh later cuts and styles

These days, cushion gouge diamonds consist of a diamond aura which makes the cushion incision look remarkably lovely and beautiful and leaves it well detailed and luminous brightly all over. The cushion mark diamond is widely used in earrings, engagement rings and more forms of jewelry.

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Based a morsel on the research of Marcel Tolkowsky during the 1920s changes made to custom incision diamonds over the years such as improving the indentation angles for other brilliance, forging the table larger and reducing the cutlet has led to a rise and augment in its popularity Several buyers are attracted to the diamond because of its classic perceive along with its second manner provided by the cushion cut

The standards for cushion cuts are different from most further shapes. In general, they are less expert than lap diamonds, but cushion cuts often retain better ignite which adds to its attraction They are likely to have one of three extreme pavilion aspect patterns, of which the third motif has one additional queue of facets on the pavilion This is classified as the modified cushion gouge by the GIA These modified cuts often obtain needle-like or crushed-ice facets, which are additional similar to a shining cut than a traditional cut.


As stated earlier, a cushion dent diamond is a square or rectangular work that has rounded corners resembling a pillow The cushion notch diamond consists of 58 facets with a regular standard of 1.10 or additional for rectangular shapes and about 1.00 to 1.05 for square shapes.

Procedures, methods and cutting styles retain changed over the years leading to the development of several variations like the custom modified proficient which could hold one fresh column of facets on the pavilion which could correct the look of the diamond

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