Which Is Your Favorite Bridal Color?

Ivory conjugal lehengas are sure on the rage redress now, but they aren’t the only alternative when it comes to latter bridal wear! More and more brides are hustings colors and patterns in marital gowns to show their individuality and color-theme their wedding. Choosing a marriage gown in your color choice can add an extra dimension to your nuptial look, with each color having a different significance that you might lack to manage into statement when forging your decision

Which Is Your Favorite Bridal Color?

Which Is Your Favorite Bridal Color?


Light sorrowful is a conciliatory and serene color, reflecting the color of the ocean and the sky, whereas deep and black blues are sumptuous and bestow an front of superiority and wealth Electric and open blues are animated and make a pure statement, with the regal navy gloomy throbbing hearts of a million brides!


Yellow is an uplifting color that brings to humour the brightness of summer, flowers, and sunshine along with youthful optimism For a fresh establish look, use prosperous yellows to generate a glamorous atmosphere for your wedding. Yellow is a stimulating and creative color and is full for an energetic, outdoor summer conjugal Recent matrimonial trends team yellow with grey for beautiful, understated wedding attire.


Green is the color of bounce and new beginnings, other recently applicable to anything ‘eco’ themed Great for an outdoor wedding, coarse is a tranquil, noiseless and wholesome tone, furthermore a haunting tone in pastel shades like pista crude for bridesmaid’s dresses, too.


Orange is a strong, autumnal color, both bold and earthy depending on the tone A warming hue of orange is becoming further singable in its muted shades, for example, peach or terracotta that adds subtle behalf to your connubial outfit Bright oranges are fun and flamboyant and are sure to ace on ignite on your special day!

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Mauve has a glorious history, gives a sense of luxury and taste to your matrimonial attire Use ominous shades sparingly, to dodge overwhelming with a strong mauve tone. Lighter tones of mauve are uplifting and are often chosen by creative family with an border to look different


Red is traditionally the color of love, absolute of book and response The use of red for your matrimonial garments leave make you the center of attention, either as a obstruct color or used as an emphasis on a predominantly white dress. Dark reds and ruby red are a complete preference for an familiar winter wedding


Tones of browns and mushroom are becoming supplementary singable as conjugal lehenga colors, especially when it comes to hustings a vintage themed apparel Brown is an earthy, traditional and organic color, a connotation of wholesomeness and stability. Vintage connubial gowns are often made in subtle, easily tones of these colors and one can accessorize wonderfully with a designed assortment of lace, pearls and wooden beads


Don’t be afraid of a gloomy wedding dress! Black is a sophisticated and classic color for a dress, especially if you are having a clean-cut, contemporary wedding, or a black-tie affair. Black is a strong authoritative color and pairs excellently with white for a coil on the traditional

You can experiment with colors while ballot your marriage apparel in many ways:

  • Somewedding lehengas are all in one color, with detailing in lace, beadwork or different textures and structure
  • You might deprivation to stick to a white or yellowish marriage lehenga and use touches and accents of color in the covert of a sash or buttons, shoes or a bolero
  • Think about accessorizing with color, from shoes to headwear, jewelry or an umbrella!
  • Match your wedding outfit color to your groom, your bridesmaids, perfume or even your venue’s decor.
  • Why not go for a motif or print reasonably than a single color?
  • Ombre refinement is a uncommonly melodious trend amend now, as heuristic in conjugal lehengas, which grows darker from elite to bottom
  • Find two colors which complement each more and activity your conjugal argument around them, feasibly one for your marital garments and one for your groom!
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